New to Messianic Judaism

If you have just learned about Jew Messianism (Netzarim), how to follow Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, observing the Torah, this is a welcome page. You will be able to know the foundations of the Netzarim life, what the Torah (Commandments of Elohim) expects of you and you will know what are the next steps to be taken so that you are a Messianic Jew (a) Netzarim.

What is a Netzarim Messianic Jew?

The Messianic Jew Netzarim follows a set of biblical principles that encourages any of us to live a life of purpose, exciting, and vibrant even in the face of the tribulations that happen through our lives.

We follow the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of God (Elohim) found in the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible), Jalahah Judaica and believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel, man, fleshly descendant of Yosef (Joseph) and Miriam (Mary), divine, but Not the Creator of the Universe. (Rev 14:12)

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Your correct biblical version

Get the most up-to-date Bible (the closest in date to the life of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel). The 4 Bibles closest to Yeshua’s life date (1-30 AD) are the ones whose text is based in the Uncial Greek Text from around 350 AD (Alexandrian text-type): English Standard Version and New International Version in the English Language. Do not use KJV.

These 2 Bibles are based on the Uncial Manuscripts of the years 340 to 430 AD (Codice Alejandrian, Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Ephraemi Rescriptus).

For PC you can get these Bibles for free on or in your App Store for your cell phone.

Also read immediately our exclusive study Kurios – Lord The Greek Word That Causes Division in the Church so that you do not have problems with the lack of correct translation of the Word Kurios, erroneously translated as “Lord” always.

New Basic Words in Hebrew

The most commonly used words in Hebrew this new path of Netzarim Judaism are:

Basic Jewish Studies

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How to start living as a Messianic Jew Netzarim?

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You have to congregate with others who have you own faith!

Shabbat is obligatory for all human beings. It is necessary to be among those who think equally to us (chosen) when it comes to Elohim and the Torah (His Commandments).

Please search your community if there are any Messianic congregations (Kehila) in your city. If there is one, begin to attend regularly, and to be instructed in Torah and about Messiah Yeshua.

Otherwise, look in our Directory of Messianic Congregations if there is one near you:

Directory of World Messianic Congregations

In case there is no congregation in your city, you will have to at least congregate alone (a) each Shabbat in your home by opening the Shabbat at 6:30pm and the Shabbat on Saturday mornings or afternoons.

At 6:00 pm on Friday do what the following page says in detail:

On Fridays (Opening of Shabbat)


How to Celebrate Pesach (Passover)

The Messianic Passover Haggadah
By: Barry Rubin, Steffi Rubin

Messianic Hebrew-English Haggadah you can use (Download and compare both, use any of them)

First Haggadah Model

Second Haggadah Model