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Arguments In Favor of the the Trinity Refute It- (Part 1)

The argument that the doctrine of the Trinity is not true because the exact word “Trinity” is absent from the Bible is very sloppy at best. The basic problem is that all the scriptures that support this false doctrine  are almost always taken out of context.  Read more

Dates of the Beginning and End of the World According to Torah (Bible)

¿When was the Creation according to the Tanack? At what time was the universal flood? When was the Temple of Israel constructed? The Bible has the answers to this questions. We only need to have confidence in the Word of the Eternal Creator and to know the given dates in the Tanack (A.T.); with them we can interlace the dates with some certainty and discover what we are looking for.     Read more

John Chapter 1 Does Not Talk About Yeshua (Jesus) Being God

Many people says this Yohanan (John) Chapter 1 means Yeshua (Jesus) is God. That is 100% false.

To understand this verse in depth we can go in detail through the first chapter of Yohanan. Yohanan probably wrote his gospel especially for Jewish Christians. We must also understand that the Greek word “logos” means “the word” (from Elohim). The word of Elohim was His Law, the Scripture (Torah) He had given to Israel.   Read more

John 14:6 Torah is the Only Way to the Father

Many people ask us about the verse Yohanan(John) 14:6. Does it imply that only through the name of Yeshua can there be salvation? What happened to the prophets and the Patriarchs? What about the Jewish people who follow the commandments of the Torah with their hearts?

One of those cases of confrontation with the interpretation of this verse is Luke 10:25-37where Yeshua affirms to the Doctor of the Law of Moses “do this and live”, inheriting eternal life, without affirming the messianism of Yeshua.   Read More

Do Not Eat Pork Says Elohim (God)

We read in Yeshayahu (Isa) 66:15-17 “For look, YHWH comes with fire and with His chariots, like a whirlwind, to render His displeasure with burning, and His rebuke with flames of fire. For by fire and by His sword YHWH shall judge all flesh, and the slain of YHWH shall be many, those who set themselves apart and cleanse themselves at the gardens after ‘One in the midst, eating flesh of pigs and the abomination and the mouse, are snatched away, together,” declares YHWH.

Do you eat your pork, abomination and mouse?    Read more

The Aaronic Blessing from the Priest to the Congregation (Numbers 6:22-27)

The Aaronic Blessing found in Bamidbar (Num) 6:22-27 is the the most famous blessing in the Torah (Bible):

Thus you shall bless the people of Israel: you shall say to them, Adonai bless you and keep you; Adonai make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; Adonai lift up his countenance upon you and give you Shalom (peace)”   Read more

All Jewish Rabbis

Beard and Hair in Men, Specially in the Rabbi.

Now let’s look briefly a little more about what the beard represents in traditional Judaism.Many Jewish males, not all, have their faces populated by beards almost untouched, or unsettled. Many rabbis, not all, also follow this trend and it is considered that this is a tradition that accentuates their status as priests. All these men follow a Biblical principle “that prohibits cut with a razor’s head hair.”   Read more

The Council of Nicea and the Start of the False Christianity

There were many councils in the history of the Church that came after the death of the Messiah Yeshua in 32 AD. The First seven Ecumenical (people of different beliefs together to forced agreements) Councils were the most important, because out of them came the False Christianity that we have today, free of all vestiges of Judaism and the Jewish practices that Yeshua, a jew and a Rabbi, and his apostles practiced daily and dissapeared the authority of Torah.    Read more