TorahHere we have the Drashas given by Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques and Ro’eh Juan Dutel each Shabbat on the Torah, the law of Moses and the commandments of Yeshua given in the “Kehila Elohei Kedem” operating in Caracas, Venezuela.
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NOTE: Some of the articles (drashas) are being translated at this moment and very soon be available for you to read.


1. incorrect interpretation of 2 Chronicles 7:14

2. What is the correct day to celebrate the Pesach (Passover): the 14th or the 15th ofNissan?

3. False holy spirit in messianic congregations

4 The 613 Mitzvot of Elohim, and the Messiah Yeshua keys to be messianic Jews.

5 How to pronounce the name of YHWH.

6. Be Holy as Elohim is Holy

7. The Gentiles in the New Testament were all Greek proselytes

8 Tabernacle: Congregation (part 1)

9 Tabernacle of the Congregation: the Sanctuary (part II).

10 Errors of doctrine: fasts and vigils

11 Circumcision in the Torah (Brit MIlah)

12  Shabbat everlasting Covenant with YHWH

13 Tevilah is necessary for all Belivers in Yeshua to be part of the Covenant of Israel

14 Council of Jerusalem (acts 15): must be Yehudi to follow Yeshua

15. The use of the tzitzit is both for men and women

16. Which is: the Kingdom of Elohim or Kingdom of Heaven?

17. Women may wear earrings and ornaments according to the Torah

18 .Prosper and be blessed by Elohim

19 Lashon Hara: evil tongue

20. The sanctuary of YHWH

21 Traditions: Invalidating the commandments of YHWH

22 Tithe is only for Jews and Messianic Jews, not for Christians

23 Separated in order to prosper under the hand of Elohim

24 Yeshua is divine and is the Messiah of Israel, but is not Elohim

25. Receiving the Shabbat

26. 10 Steps to be a Nazarene Jew and receive blessing

27 islam in Bible prophecy

28. The Torah that Yeshua read

29. When Does the New Year begins?

30 Jerusalem is the center of the universe

31.The Wrong Belief in the Plurality of Elohim

32 Protocol and etiquette in the sanctuary of Elohim

33 Yeshua, son of Elohim, firstborn of creation

34. Eternal life, the reason for the coming of the Messiah

35. The marriage according to the Torah

36 9 Facts that Refute the Virgin Birth of Yeshua

37 Steps to live  a Messianic Nazarene Jewish life

38 Prophecies about Yeshua the Messiah of Israel in the Tanakh

39. Why We Use Hebrew Names

40- Follow Me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.

41. The Hebrew Calendar

42. Yeshua Never Abolished the Law of Moses

43. Ten Differences between Christians and Nazarene Judaism

44. 17 Blessings from Elohim in  Deuteronomy 28:1-14

45. Jewish Halakha and the Rabbinic Authority in the Messianic World